Value Deal - FIT CarboSupreme + Dura Train + Carbo Train

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CarboTrain Hydration training drink

- FiT CarboTrain™ is an efficient, pleasant tasting,easily assimilated, high value powder drink developed especially to preventcumulative glycogen depletion while simultaneously supporting the immune systemby including a full complement of electrolytes, vitamins, MSM, L-Glutamine& L-Taurine. Immune system support is an especially important feature forany athlete.

- Flavours – Tangerine, Forrest Berry, Lemon Lime

CarboSupreme Hydration racing drink

- FiT CarboSupreme™ is an "ALL-IN-ONE" racedrink / meal which, if drunk continuously during training or racing at therecommended rate, will continually provide all the water, carbohydrates,minerals (plus other physiological support) you will need for maximumperformance and endurance, preventing “bonking” & making any additional supplementation(including normal water and solid carbohydrates) largely unnecessary.

- Flavours – Tangerine, Forrest Berry, Lemon Lime

DuraTrain Pre/Post Recovery shake

- By using an optimized meal replacement product suchas FiT DuraTrain™ immediately after training can assist and accelerate recoverybetween exercise sessions, enabling more frequent training, greater improvementand less likelihood of slipping into the vicious downward spiral of“over-training syndrome”. This will also help preserve muscle mass, isespecially significant in terms of preventing immune system depression andresultant health dangers.

- Flavours – Chocolate, Strawberry,Vanilla