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Most so-called “energy gel” products are really just flavoured corn syrups. These contain a high percentage of simple sugars, often cause excessive & undesirable blood sugar fluctuations, and are usually sickly sweet to taste – which can cause feelings of nausea. FiT SupaGOO™ is a new generation gel-type Endurance Booster, which is instead based on a uniquely formulated blend of medium glycaemic index maltodextrins, starches and real fruit extracts. It therefore has a lower percentage of simple sugars, (eg; dextrose), and a higher percentage of glucose polymers, polysaccharides, complex starches & fructose. This ensures controlled energy replenishment, without excessive blood sugar fluctuations.

However, the formulation goes much further than just providing a superior energy base. It also has a number of additional ingredients selected to assist with high altitude energy production, blood circulation, anti-oxidant protection, electrolyte replenishment, improved mental t deliver quite as much energy. It is still way better than nothing, and usually enough for shorter distance events (less than 2 hours duration). The rule is to use whatever you are comfortable with – trying to strike a balance between meeting your energy demands and avoiding overdosing which might result in stomach discomfort or blood sugar fluctuation